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Staff Rules: Guidelines for the Admins: (General Common Sense)

We Promise to Adhere to these rules for everyone!

** Punishments for breaking rules by staff (by discretion of leads and owner):

( First Offense: 2 week removal of badge, 2nd Offense: 6 month removal of badge, 3rd offense is permanent removal of badge or suspension for 1 year or both at TS Owner's discretion)

Standing General orders and Instructions:

1. --- ALL Admins and Co Admins: Please inform the person or parties BEFORE-hand before starting any test operations on TS. To avoid any misunderstanding.

2. All changes MUST be taken through and APPROVED by the TS owner.

3a. --- NOTICE: --- Rules that are broken by staff without proper justification will be subject to investigation and corrective measures by Sr Administrator (Owner) of TS. All Admins will take responsibility for their own actions.

(*See punishment list for description of actions taken)

3b. If you are drunk while on duty as an admin, and misuse your authority, your badge will be taken away or suspended.

4. The Staff WILL NOT mistreat others on this server, we are here to help the members as much as possible. If you have a question, See Owner/Lead Admin for verification. Please keep it civil and have fun, ALWAYS adhering to the Server Rules and the use of the Offense List FIRST unless posted with rules in the Server List, that are HIGHLIGHTED that might overrule standing rules.



b.DO NOT give 'M' Badge for Staff, It is not needed.

-- How to give badges. --

6A. Greet them within 5 minutes and Interview them first: Get a feel for the person and what they are looking for on the server and community. Inform them it is a member oriented server, and requires a trial badge for ONLY 10 days until registration.

(USE Script to greet them that is located in STAFF UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD PAGE) Explain things as you go through script... If they have questions, listen and respond...

Download and update Trial Member file in STAFF UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD Room...

Folder is: T issue list- update and re-upload
Filename is MASTER T Issue List...

Name: Country: IP Issued Expires Reapply for T after 10d
----- -------- --------------- -------------- -------- ---------------------
nechro morroco - 3/31/18 4/11/18 4/16/18

Put name, Enter country, Get IP Address Date of Issue Calculate Expire (10d) and note one week after it expires they must wait to reapply for another T badge...


** Delete the username from this list if he registers... Otherwise go through process

GIVE the T (Temporary Badge) for 10 day trial status for new users, until registration then UPGRADE to M (Member Badge) for ALL members.

*** IF HE/SHE REGISTERS! WAIT until the Upper Staff members CONFIRMS Registration! They will give instruction to give badge to the new member.

After 10 days... REMOVE T Badge, and wait 1 week for new T Appliance by user.

--> He can be offered to Register ANYTIME in Week Waiting period. <--

There is NO maximum Number for T Badges to be issued, but users MUST wait 1 week between 10 day periods OR REGISTER for M Badge.


6C. If User is ALREADY Registered, and has issues where his badge is lost (not removed), verify reg w/Upper Staff and restore appropriate badges.

(Not Staff just members!)


or Other Rooms outside of their access:  ALL ADMINS: PLEASE MOVE TO the REQUESTED and APPROPRIATE ROOM.

** Inform him that he cannot move at will will in and out of room and will have to be moved by staff. --

7. Temporary/Semi-perm rooms are to remain at the bottom of TS list under the AFK Room.  The room if temporary must have at least ONE person inside the room, to remain or it deletes automatically. (**Inform user of this)

8. * Meetings for STAFF is once a month at 8 pm EST.on Fridays --

* TBD (To be Determined)

9. Public Information release will be given to General Public on the WEBSITE for any new events or staff changes via the Public Relations Officer.

--> No more information is to be GIVEN to ANYONE other than what is released in document given to PR Officer by Upper Staff and Owner.

10. Duty Office/On-Call Room Usage/Purpose.

This is used as a ready room to be on hand for administration and assistance to the users, according to Duty Roster. Sit here if not active in other channels. You are ON-CALL (OC BADGE) in this room if away...

Oncall Badge will be assigned to the staff who is oncall (OC BADGE) and the users MUST POKE the staff member with OC Badge before ANY other Admins...

--- > NEW USERS (N/T Badges) ARE TO MSG/Poke ONCE - if they need assistance by Admins.

-> Allow up to a 15 minutes by the ONCALL Admin to respond! <-

If you are Oncall or ACTIVE.. ASSIST immediately, if possible!

** ONCALL - Set Speakers to Be on External and not headset to hear the page! **

11. Private Channels that are moderated shall be administrated by staff. We have the final say what is and is not appropriate. We have to right to kick or ban at will. We will have order in these rooms!!!

12. Banning: When perm banning for ILLEGAL Activites, Log the IP FIRST and send to Upper Server Admins for reporting to -- which is for FBI Computer Crimes. Let Upper Staff Report to authorities.

13. ALL ROOMS for Games are for GAME-play ONLY and are NOT General Chat Rooms, if the user is interfering in the game rooms, MOVE them to the appropriate GENERAL chat room.
--> USERS MUST be playing game in the specific channel. <--

14. Stick to the Rules for ALL violations, unless not covered.

See HIGHER Admin to make a CALL on Instructions NOT covered.

Remember it is NOT PERSONAL and stick to the Server Rules for safety of staff and clients... Higher Admin MAY OR MAY NOT add a rule or ADJUST rules accordingly to the cover the instruction that is not defined.

** When Higher Authority intervenes and the issue is escalated to him by a lower Admin, let the Higher Admin handle the issue to completion unless de-escalated back to the lower Admin.


any instruction of LOWER ADMINS.


15. Channel Admin Badges --- 

Only Assign them to the LEADER of a CLAN ROOM -- (Leader of the Group) OR as a Moderator for an APPROVED "assigned NON clan Room." (*SEE CISO)

-- Clan Leaders: we can assign multiple moderators to help you but keep it to only '4' for YOUR area at ANY given time. (Approval by TS staff enforced)

-- NON CLAN Rooms will have no more than '4' moderators at any given time, and staggered to cover a 24 hour period with a small overlap.

(3b IS ENFORCED for ALL ROOMS MODERATORS EXCEPT CLAN ROOMS) -- Leaders of Clan Rooms have full authority to govern clan behavior unless they request intervention by Admin Staff)

CA Badges ONLY have authority to their assigned Room and cannot make rulings in other Rooms... See Admins for any issues that escalate over moderator level.

| Admins: If there are Multiple kicks by the CA Moderator of ANY Room:|

First Kick: Generally ignore it, (The person in Clan/Regular Room probably deserved it)

Second Kick: Borderline -- NOTE the Second kick, but only investigate if Moderator Requests Admin Intervention.

Third Kick: Investigate immediately, (Especially over three kicks)

-- CA Moderator: -- (What you need to do)

For First kick from Room: No Report is necessary

Second Kick: Optional Report depending on the severity is required...

If it is SERIOUS REPORT to Admin to handle issue.
Third Kick: REPORT the issue to an Admin or the CISO directly (Security officer)

** KEEP in mind ALL kicks by CA or Admins MUST be LINKED TO SERVER RULE to be VALID... It is NOT personal and will not be tolerated if abused, therefore removed by staff..

"When in Doubt... Check it Out!" with the Perm Staff.

(Kick MSG dialogue) Reason to kick (john doe) from room:

put in the Rule # and brief DESC of what user did.

| How approval is granted for CA Staff Position: |

For Groups: Such as Clan Rooms CA Badges are assigned by approval of CISO Only.

For any other Room - Owner and CISO must approve it to be a helper for other rooms outside of clan room.

(Owner has FINAL APPROVAL and overrule authority on both Instances -- )

CA IS an official staff position and rules above this one ARE enforced for GOOD CONDUCT AT ALL TIMES

Private Rooms -- No moderation are required or will be assigned unless on a case by case basis. All admins are to direct it to the *CISO --

*CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is the one who will have a list documenting the APPROVED list of Moderators.

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANYONE A CA badge unless it has been APPROVED by Owner/CISO and the assignment has been "Documented"

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