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New Policy as of 1/20/20 - Regarding memberships.

New policy in place: as of 1/20/20 In regards to membership here.

It is REQUIRED THAT YOU HAVE MEMBERSHIP FOR THIS SERVER to move about the TS Channels, controlling trolls and abuse to others.

Hanging out on our server to play your games without Admin Staff Approval will result of being kicked from the server. -- At all level Admins Discretion.

We ask that if your are International, that you must have BASIC ENGLISH and be able to SPEAK it decently for better communications for all members and Admin Staff on this server. (To better state your requests and intentions)

We are considered to be United States Territory, and under U.S. Civil Codes 18, 1030 and U.S 2001 Patriot Act, International members are requested to conform to standing rules, regulations and customs accordingly.

We under Rule #23 (stating) That we reserve the Right to REFUSE SERVICE at will to ANYONE without warning. RULES and REQUIREMENTS are ENFORCED at all times -- Please review link in main lobby in Description of room (right Side) that will take you to them.

This is a privilege to come here, NOT a right.

We are no longer accepting BOSNIA, UKRAINE and SERBIAN members at this time, because of repeated violations of the rules. Anyone from these countries may or may not be banned on sight under this new policy at the staff's own discretion.

There will be order here.

"When in Doubt, Check it out!" - Larry Will, Principal Bellbrook Jr High (1986)

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