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Teamspeak Rules and Regulations in English




Our Team Speak rules are extremely simple for all users. If one of the staff members feels that you are repeatedly breaking these simple, common-sense rules, you will be subject to removal from this server


We use a 3 strike method and what ALL ADMINS will use FIRST based on Posted/Standing Rules below.


Unless rule is posted NO EXCEPTIONS and WILL OVERRULE our 3 strikes chart below.




1st Offense: You will be WARNED Verbally/Written


2nd Offense: Conference with an Admin.


Basically we remove user from channel, and speak to you about the violation of the rules. We may make the decision to: SILENCE, KICK, REMOVE BADGE OR BAN.


(Min: 24 hours to MAX: 6 months)


*It is also dependant on the SEVERITY of the offense, how much disciplinary action you shall recieve.


->(Active LEAD O, D and A's DISCRETION to Perm Ban Immediately!)<-


3rd Offense: Banned permanently from Server.

(Same offense) Just take it elsewhere!


Note: Bans for offenses CAN be appealed, for whatever reason if you admit your mistake, and are willing to change. The staff WILL vote and the ban possibly will be lifted.


TS Owner, can overrule/has final approval.






  1. Be courteous of people who are already talking; wait your turn.



  1. Vulgar/graphic language/topics is NOT allowed, use your best judgement and be courteous of others. If someone asks you to stop, PLEASE STOP!!! We have members under the age of 16 here that are by appointment, approved by Owner.


Please remember and be respectful to them of your language and of your topics.



  1. DO NOT under any circumstances, abuse people who are on TS. Disrespect/Slander and Disobedience to staff WILL NOT be tolerated at any time.




  1. Trolling and being disruptive is not allowed. All trolls will be silenced, kicked or banned Immediately! (NO EXCEPTION)


--> Bans by Admin Discretion.<--



  1. All names MUST conform to proper TS names. It cannot be offensive, vulgar, FAKE or anonymous for any reason.


** Active Members: It MUST match Registration on WEB. -- Otherwise, you will be kicked immediately or banned 12 hours to change. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If you need to change, see CISO or owner for approval.



  1. Do not play music or sing without permission from all people in the channel. Please go to music room if you want to play and share music.



  1. If you have to go away from the computer. Use the AFK channel. If your speakers are muted or your microphone is disabled, you will be subject to a forced move to the proper channel.


Set Message for 1-15 min. -- 15 min or more, MOVE to the AFK Channel.



  1. Do not advertise ANY other TS/DISCORD servers, or services on our mediums. That includes websites and marketing type business.
    No Exceptions!



  1. Please see Duty Office/On-Call Room for any and all assistance. If issues need to be be escalated, have active administrator check and poke the upper admins, starting with next level admins


(if available and Excluding ALL 'H' Badges)


-----> New Users: Please MESSAGE or POKE Admin with 'OC' Badge FIRST before alerting other Admins. --- 'OC' = Oncall.



  1. Spamming is not tolerated in ANY form. (Especially Admins or users)


Admin's discretion to Ban IMMEDIATELY or warn first before action is taken.







  1. All Players in Flight Session MUST have matching IDS for the Teamspeak for better identification.



  1. English IS a primary Language for this Teamspeak, Please do not speak a different language in main channels. It is required you speak a fluent BASIC English so we can speak to you and interact with you as needed.


HOWEVER: If you have to speak a language other than English and by discretion of Admins, PLEASE HAVE A PERSON to TRANSLATE from English to YOUR LANGUAGE..


  1. We DO NOT condone the usage of ILLEGAL software at all. There is to be no PUBLIC talk of software piracy or hacking of any sort. Sending software with viruses is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. D-Dossing threats and actions of all instances is an INSTANT perm ban.  It is ZERO TOLERANCE and THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

**Absolutely NO PORN is allowed - (NO EXCEPTIONS)**


NOTICE: ALL Instances shall be reported to FBI / Interpol via IP sweep. (Take it elsewhere.)


  1. To be Upper staff you must be Minimum 25 years of age. You MUST have a clean record and consecutive login with this Team speak for Minimum ONE YEAR BEFORE you will be considered for any administrative position.


INTERN PROGRAM for 18 - 23 is AVAILABLE to train you in Team speak Administration and conduct for this server.

It is a LIMITED Slot allotment for being an INTERN. --




**** NOTICE: for Admins over 25 or INTERNS 18-23 ****


-- Felony Records for Arrest ---- Misdemeanor Hacking and Computer Fraud Charges --

(With or without Prison/Jail-time (No matter country)


You are NOT permitted to hold an Administration Role on this Team speak server.


All names submitted for Admin Role will be tracked and researched.


Failure to report upon submission for Admin Role will result in permanent removal from server.




(TS Owner, has the final approval for all new appointments - No Exceptions)



  1. It is alright to show Avatars, of a suggestive nature, Just be aware of younger members. If it is unacceptable you will be warned first offense the second offense is the avatar removed by staff.


Third offense is a perm ban 24 hours.



16a. We do not condone threats of, use of, or talk about ANY VIOLENCE, RACISM or TERRORISM of any sort against others on this server. It is an INSTANT PERM Ban, without warning, also reported to FBI / Interpol:


--> We have ZERO tolerance to Racism in any form <--



16b. Talk of Religion and Politics is No longer allowed here. It has permanently been banned from this system. Do not bring ANY Religion or Political context to this Team speak in ANY main channels. Private channels are acceptable but ONLY for two people who want to talk on this topic.


*** No group chats of Politics and Religion are allowed here, we are a GAMING server not a Political/Religious Discussion group.  (No exceptions)




** We have had issues and this rule was changes to protect FlightSimX Company Admins and all members. We as a gaming group take NO stance on Politics and Religion, neither will it it be expressed here in open forum.


Violation is a a stern warning/30 day ban first offense -- 90 DAY BAN SECOND OFFENSE -- PERM BAN THIRD OFFENSE - NO EXCEPTIONS...



  1. Minimum Age for this server is 15 years of age. Dependent on behavior, appointment is by discretion by Owner for those under the minimum age.
  2. No Recording without permission of staff. Please go to the recording channel to record... and inform the staff PRIOR to recording start. Don't Play the Recording ANYWHERE ELSE without permission.



  1. File Section is for Download only by members. If you need to upload files to the server for others in this section, please upload to the upload section. They may not be Virus Laden, Payware, or anything illegal. Files WILL be scrutinized by staff, also removed if they re not acceptable. All uploads are held for 24 hours for examination before release to download sections.


*SEE CISO for specialty badge regarding VA/VM and VNASA AREAS.



  1. No Drugs or paraphernalia are allowed here. There will be no talk of it, (public or illegal) for sales, distribution or illegal activities involving its usage.


-> Drug Sales and Distribution is a PERM BAN offense. <-





  1. Please DO NOT Exploit ANY security holes at ANY TIME on this server.


It is a Week - Perm ban for severity.



  1. Drunkeness, disorderly, or belligerent behavior is NOT tolerated here.


Please do not come on here under the influence to abuse others and staff...

Min (24 hour immediate ban to sobor up...



  1. The Server staff RESERVES THE RIGHT TO refuse access, or services to ANYONE AT ANY TIME!


By Logging in you are in agreement to the Rules posted at all times!

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These are posted for your protection... And we ask that you ADHERE to them at all times with proper conduct... Otherwise take your gamer tag, and hit the road. Period...


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